Residue-Free Products  for Pest Control

Residue-Free Products
for Pest Control

Residue free

They leave no residue thanks to special formulation.

“0” Days Harvest Time

They prevent your product from waiting on the farm and they deliver great comfort and gain to the farmer by ensuring a quick harvest.

Export Friendly

They don't cause analysis problems for exportation and they can be safely used even for organic agriculture.
Organomineral Drip Irrigation Group

Organomineral Drip Irrigation Group

The First and Only in Its Segment

4 Advantages in One Product

Combined Drip Fertilizer, Trace Elements, Soil Improver, and Root Stimulator. It saves time and money for the producer, thanks to its all purpose and practical content.

Smaller Dosage Up To 50%

With its special contents, it helps the plant to use NPK and trace elements much more efficiently. Profitable and Environment-Friendly Fertilizer

Nourishes Both Your Plant and Your Soil

Nourishes your plant with its macro- and micro-elements and your soil with its Humic Acid and Organic Matter.

Business Partners




High quality Turkish brand, KARFRUT & FRUTİ, which produces in Tekirdağ, Çorlu continues to collaborate with AGROMİLA product and technical support since 2016.



BALSU, one of Turkey's leading hazelnut companies, carries out technical and product-oriented studies with AGROMİLA to bring hazelnut growing to higher yield and quality in Turkey.



Aiming to become one of the leading agricultural and livestock organizations of our country, AKSA TARIM has experienced a significant increase in productivity with technical and product support of AGROMİLA.