Agromila bir Gilan Holding kuruluşudur.



Take A Look At Agromila

Agromila, which is located in Gilan Group, has set out with the aim of meeting the needs of ecological, sustainable and fertile agriculture around Turkey and around the world.
For this purpose, greenhouses, orchards, vegetables and industrial crops are produced in all fields of agricultural production.
Agromila, which is the pioneer of the sector in many fields, is with the vision of producing solutions, not products and offers special solutions for the special needs of the producers.
In addition, it stands out as organic fertilizer preference in grass areas, ornamental plants and landscaping arrangements.
R & D studies continue uninterruptedly with its expert staff in order to add new solutions to its eco-friendly products in the Agromila portfolio, without residue and organic production processes.
It started its activities in 2019 with AZ-AGROMILA, the first overseas production facility in Azerbaijan. Agromila continues its growth internationally in line with its goal of being the pioneer of ecological and sustainable agriculture around the world.