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About Us

AGROMILA was established with the vision of the global group behind it, with the vision of meeting the need for ecological, sustainable and efficient agriculture in Turkey and around the world. At the beginning of our biggest goals, we always focus on product development, along with producing products that are not available on the market and delivering them to farmers with the highest quality service. AGROMILA is a company that has ambitious products in its portfolio with its well-known chemical engineers and a team of 30 years of experience in the market located in the research and development department. We are in close contact with our customers and continue to constantly improve our existing products according to their feedback. Moreover, we work for the satisfaction of our customers, aware of the intensive agricultural needs and aware of the need for economic, environmental and social advantages for fertilizers to be usable.

Agromila is also taking significant steps around the world to become a pioneer of ecological and sustainable agriculture. Az-Agromila, the first of the production facilities that we aim to establish in many agricultural centers, launched its operations in Azerbaijan as of 2019. Agromila will continue to provide services worldwide by growing internationally in line with the planned targets.