NiTROMiLA (30.0.0)

NITROMILA (30.0.0)Bacteria activity increasing Solution with High Nitrogen (3 different types of nitrogen)

NiTROMiLA is a drip fertilizer containing all forms of nitrogen in highly absorbable form that supports the development of the greenery in particular during the growth phase. NiTROMiLA is supported with organic compounds in order to prevent washing out due to the high solubility of its nitrogen compounds. Thanks to its special formulation, unlike ordinary nitrogen, it does not wash out of the soil, it helps the plant efficiently absorb the nitrogen. Due to its persistence on the soil, it always supplies the plant's nitrogen requirements. It has ingredients developed with extracts that stimulate root growth. Give your plant efficiently absorbable nitrogen with Nitromila and see the difference.

Total Nitrogen 30
Nitrate Nitrogen 10
Urea Nitrogen 10
Ammonium Nitrogen 10

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