MiLAPOTASH (6-0-32)

High Potassium Gel Fertilizer

MiLAPOTASH is a drip fertilizer with high potassium content that you can safely apply from fruition to harvest. Since plants' potassium requirement is very high during fruition, Milopotash that is prepared to increase fruit quality is supplemented with a special formula to prevent the nutrients to wash away from the soil and it is an "organic fruit grower" effects of which you can immediately see after application. With its special Agromila formula that holds on to the soil, it keeps the potassium in an absorbable form and helps the plant efficiently absorb the potassium.

By increasing the turgor pressure, it lowers the water stress and prevents loose tissue formation. It speeds up the nutrient and water traffic. Milopotash use lowers the duration between two harvests in biennial plants especially in greenhouse cultivation. It improves the color, quality, and flavor in fruits and speeds up the absorption of chemical fertilizers in the soil. It ensures the quality standard of your product. It nourishes your plant all the while ensuring root development with its extra content.  It ensures fruits and vegetables to be healthy and high quality.

Total Nitrogen 6
Urea Nitrogen 6
Water Soluble K2O 32

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