FORMiLA (6-32-0)

High Phosphorus Gel Fertilizer

FORMiLA is a drip fertilizer with high phosphorus content that you can safely apply particularly during the flowering period of the plant. In case of phosphorus deficiency, growth and capillary root development slows down, leaves remain small, fruit quality is compromised, and tissue death is observed. Since FORMiLA is supplemented with leonardite to prevent washing away from the soil, and thanks to the chelating properties of humic acids it keeps the nutrients that have a risk to be bound by phosphorus in an absorbable form, and the entirety of its phosphorus content is absorbable by the plant. FORMiLA stimulates root development and increases flowering and fruit set.

Total Nitrogen 6
Urea Nitrogen 6
Water Soluble P2O5 32

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