About Us

AGROMİLA’s strategy is based on a series of attributes which defines us as a reference company for quality and professionalism in the crop nutrition sector. In AGROMİLA, we are aware of the need to promote a more productive, ecological and sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, our innovations are based on offering our clients solutions which will allow them to produce more with less. Our innovations also increase efficiency, favor sustainable development and finally provide a greater yield for their investment and efforts. Fertilizers should be sustainable, they must support cropping systems that provide economic, environmental and social benefits. AGROMİLA supports and promotes the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework, which helps us to define best practices for the sustainability goals of a farming operation.


AGROMİLA shows a differentiation in their products with superior performance on crop nutritionts, compared to the existing plant nutrition group fertilizers in the market. AGROMİLA is a dynamic company, which aims to produce without compromising on quality.

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