Herbal Based Amino Acid For Easy and Fast Absorbtion

It is an amino acid containing product of fully plant origin. Amino acids are simple molecules that form through the breakdown of proteins, they have a complex structure made of chains. Amino acids are the building material of cells and have an important role in the intercellular nutrient interchange in plant physiology and in the vitality of cells under adverse cultivation conditions.  Thanks to its plant origins, MiLAMiNO is very easily and rapidly absorbed. It speeds up the plant metabolism and increases the yield by increasing the chlorophyll quantity. It helps the plant to grow stronger by stimulating energy production in the cells. MiLAMiNO strengthens the immune system of the plant and increases resistance to fungal diseases in particular. It stimulates the increase of the ethylene hormone in the plant and helps fruit formation and root development. MiLAMiNO increases yield by strengthening the plant cell walls and stimulating healthy and plentiful flowering.

Total Organic Matter 15
Organic Carbon 6,7
Free Amino acid 8
Organic Nitrogen 1,2
Ph 4-6

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