Absorbable Fer

Iron is an element necessary for chlorophyll formation. Particularly in alkaline soils poor in organic matter, iron gets fixed in the soil and shows reduced solubility, lowers the plants iron absorption, and causes iron deficiency. In this case, the plant looks yellow and pale, it fails to perform photosynthesis, and dies in later stages. MiLAFER contains many factors that helps with respiration and photosynthesis in plants. It includes the nitrogenase enzyme that fixes the nitrogen, and helps with protein synthesis. Iron deficiency is first observed in young leaves, as the deficiency increases, the leaves turn yellow while the nervures stay green. Other factors influencing the iron intake are excessive water, insufficient ventilation, and excess copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, or phosphorus in the soil. Due to the high iron content of MiLAFER and its absorbability, it does not become bound to the soil and the iron deficiency of the plant is eliminated quickly.



Water Soluble Fe 6
Fe compounded with Lignosulphonic Acid 2










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