Phtosynthesis Activator (Also Suitable For Organic Agriculture)

Photosynthesis Activator

MiLACO2 is a high percentage calcium carbonate shrunk to nano dimensions that is applied on the leaves. Due to its application on the leaves, it is absorbed through the plant's stomata to be broken down and converted to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Since it is applied on the leaves without raising the soil's pH, it is a unique product that can be used as a leaf fertilizer for alkaline soil. The calcium it contains increases the plant's resistance and vitality, and since the cell walls are thickened, it protects it against cold, frost, pest infestations, and fungal diseases. It also decreases the water requirement and raises cold tolerance of the plant by preventing unnecessary evaporation through the leaves. The carbon dioxide that is created is one of the most important nutrients that the plant needs for photosynthesis.

Total Calcium Oxide (CaO)  50
Equivalent Calcium Carbonate  89
Maximum Moisture 3
Ph 8-10

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