Root nourishing Soil Improver with Enzymes and High Tech Production Technique

It is liquid humic acid containing enzymes and development regulators derived from leonardite. It is important for the soil improvement and physiochemical processes thanks to its humic and fulvic acid contents. It is produced with the perfect pH level for the correct functioning of the plant. When HUMiLA is applied to the soil, it regulates the composition of the soil and converts the nutrients into absorbable form. In other words, it turns bound elements in the soil into useful forms. It also prevents the bonding of the nutrients that will be applied later to the soil. HUMiLA maximizes the intake of nutrients in the soil. HUMiLA stimulates the enzymes, helps the plant get its nutrients by regulating the pH level of the soil, it facilitates absorption by reducing the bonding of nutrients, and reduces the adverse effects of the salinization of the soil. It speeds up root development by supplying the carbon needed by the roots, it helps the root move more easily by increasing the organic matter in the soil, and prevents the supplied nutrients to wash away. Thanks to its pH level between 4 and 6, it forms humic acid salts with the trace elements in the soil and helps them stay in an absorbable form.

Total Organic Matter  18
Total (Humic + Fulvic)  15
Water Soluble K2O 0,1
Ph 4-6

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