Calcium Formate Solution

Calcium is one of the building elements of the plant tissue. Its application helps the tissue to become firm and strong and ensures ideal growth of stool tips. Signs of deficiency are observed on growth points and young leaves. Young leaves are deformed, black or brown necroses form on leaf edges, and the leaves curl up or down. Since CALMiLA is an organic salt of calcium, it is harder to be bound in the soil. It replaces the sodium ion in the soil and prevents sodic salinization. It increases the size and the hardness of the fruit, it helps plant tissues to become more resistant to frost and pests by thickening the cell walls, it prevents rupture. For strawberry, CALMiLA ensures tasty and hard fruits resistant to long-distance transportation. It prevents blossom-end rot in tomatoes and bitter pit in apples. CALMiLA decreases deformations in cucumbers and potatoes, fissures in figs, and hollowness in citrus fruits.

Water Soluble CaO 21
Formate 35

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